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ShutDownOne Home 3.03

Allows you to quickly shutdown, restart, log off or standby your system
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ShutDownOne Home is a system utility which allows you to quickly shutdown, restart, log off or standby your system. This actions also can be scheduled to act at a specific time. The program can be loaded at Windows start-up and can be set to ask your confirmation before taking action. An activity option is available where you can set an action to execute if after an amount of time (specified by you) there is no mouse or keyboard activity. Another way to set an action is the hot key option where you can use an action to be triggered by a combination of the keyboard keys.
Moreover, there is a privacy feature where you can set the program before acting to clear the Internet Explorer history, temporary files, cookies and typed urls. Also can be set to delete the temporary files of the system and clear the history of recent programs used.
The program resides in the system tray as an icon and an action can be set to act if you double click the icon. Also various actions can be set to the tray icon menu (right click) for quick access. As a security measure you can always use the password option to prevent settings changes of the application.

A great system tool with features that allows low power consumption and a clean PC by deleting temporary files, although it doesn't provide to add multiple actions at a time.

Dennis Niels
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  • An option to clear temporary files before taking action for a clean PC
  • You can set a hotkey as an action


  • Doesn't provide a feature to add multiple actions at a time
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